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Digging Old Wells...

Isaac, like his nomadic father Abraham, moved his herds around seeking pasture. When a time of famine drove him northwest retracing Abraham’s steps, into Philistine territory, Isaac searched for the wells his father had dug so many years before. Isaac found that the wells of his father had been rendered useless because the Philistines had filled them in with dirt and stones following Abraham’s death; Isaac chose to re-dig the wells of his father (Genesis 26:18). In Isaac’s day, they were physical wells but today, they are spiritual wells. Pastor Dan Woodward believes that the spiritual wells that were dug here in Crown King, Arizona in the late 1800’s are now being reopened by the Chapel of the Crowned King.

That which the Lord has done, and is doing in Crown King, is from Him and He selects His disciples to carry out His plans.


Small or Large Weddings available in our Garden area and/or our beautiful Event Center. Give us a call for details.  (928) 632-4477)

​​Renew Your Wedding Vows

A way to celebrate your marriage. Perhaps you've made it to 10, 25 or 50 years together and you want the world to know that you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other.


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Because of the passing of Pastor Dan on 1/11/2018, Sunday services have been temporarily postponed until we can make other arrangements.